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Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Computer

::Dr. Nick impersonation:: Hello Everybody! :D

You'll have to bear with me for a while. They increased my hours at work, on count of some people quitting on short notice, so you probably won't hear from me much this week. Not that I've been around much to begin with, but you can't say I didn't try. ^_^;

Plus, my new computer came in Friday. I've been busy installing software, and trying to get the blasted interent hooked back up. Failed miserably, and had to have a guy come in yesterday to fix it. I'm just that good! =D Things sure are different from that crappy ol' Windows 98. It's going to take me a while to get use to it all.


Eh, seems like I've gotten myself into another fine mess. I'm having trouble getting the point across to a guy that I'm not interested in him. He's uber obsessive (which scares me), and he just won't take the hint. >.> Plus the guy is ten years my elder. I'm all for the love has no age type of thing and all, but I just don't feel comfortable around him. He's already talking about a permanent relationship, and I've know him for two weeks. D: No means no, buster!

I'm afraid to be too blunt with him though, because he also has a HORRIBE depression problem too. Yeah... ::lays head down on desk:: I'm screwed.

My Mother did manage to cheer me up though. ^_~ She basically told me to use a bishounen as a scapegoat. lol Wouldn't that be neat? xD Sorry, I'm already taken. ::Insert Bishounen:: and I have already been seeing each other for quite a while now, and ya know. I'm sorry.

Not a bad idea, now that I think about it. Now who would I use? ::rubs chin:: Just come up with a reasonable story, with a somewhat believable name, and voila! :3

I don't know how I'm going to get out of that mess. D: Just shoot me and get it over with!


Well, I shall do my best to make it to your sites. It's hard to concentrate on too much when you're exhausted. ^_^; You should see me today though. Oh, and thanks for all the kind words on my wallpapers. That one wasn't a blend, the image was already like that. ^^; Forgot to mention that.

You all take care. Thanks for reading. :D


I don't think I've posted this video yet. Has subtitles in it, but I still though it was funny. :D

Dr. Jones by Aqua, set to Claus and Arche.

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