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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

   Theme Change! :D


I did have a little mini-rant typed here, but I guess I'll take it down. xD Didn't think it would stay up long anyhow, I just don't feel comfortable posting them. I always feel like I'm whining or somethin. Gomen! ^_^;


Well, everyone at work knows I like videogames now. ^_~ One of the Cashiers noticed me playing my Gameboy SP while on my lunch break, and he started inquiring about it.

The next day I had to work, several people came over to me and started chatting about games. You have to understand that I am one shy/quiet person, so I didn't know how to handle all of the attention. ^_^; I ended up lending Dirge of Cerberus to one of them, and he is suppose to bring me Valkyrie Profile for the PSX soon. He's even an Anime fan to boot! It's nice to know that there are some people there who appreciate the goodness of Anime/Videogames.


I finally have my paws on the Phantasia Dub. ^_^ The voice acting turned out to be better than I had expected. They could not have found a better person to voice Dhaos, in my humble opinion. :D I've even grown a liking to the name Claus now. It's not pronounced how you think it would be, which surprised me. Or am I that slow? [Don't answer that! :D]

I also treated myself to Tales of the Abyss, since I was in dire need of a personal pick-me-up. I'm waiting until I beat the original Wild ARMs to start playing it, but I can't waitl


Lastly, I finally got around to changing my theme. I was going to do one for Wild ARMs Alter Code: F, but I figured it was time I paid homage to my slight Tales of Phantasia obession. What better way to do that than with the great Claus F. Lester? :D

I'm still playing around with the background music, though. I can't seem to make up my mind. I was going to use the Unchained Melody as a joke, but I don't like using songs with words when it comes to background music. Expect to hear some lovey-dovey music though, since he is the Hopeless Romantic of the group. ^_~

The buttons should be back up in a couple of days as well. If yours is missing please let me know, and I'll be sure to add it. ^_^


Sorry for such a long post. ^_^; I guess I'd better end it here. Hope everything is going well your way.

Later Days

Oh and before I forget, I'd like to ask you all this question. What Anime/Videogame character would/do you associate yourself the most with?

It's an over-used question, but I'm just curious. You can tell Nagori, she's not scheming anything, honest. ::halo appears above head:: You can only pick one. ^_^

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