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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Goodbye for Now ^^;

Eh, it's been a while. ^_^; ::looks at last post date:: Heh.

I just wanted to explain where I've been all this time, and why I've been neglecting you all so. Actually, I can say it all in two words: my computer. How many of you seen that coming? xD

I don't know what the problem is, this time. ::shakes head:: Like the text-links for instance. I thought it was just my browser acting up, but several made comments about them in me last post. How those things keep popping up is beyond me. o_O That's just the least of my troubles, though. Meh. >.>

Until I can buy myself a better computer, I don't think you will be hearing from me much. I guess this is goodbye, for now. ~_^ Heh. I'll understand if you want to delete me from your list, it's untelling how long that will take. ^_^;

If it takes me too long, I may just delete this account and start anew when my new Compy arrives. I hightly doubt it, but you never know. x3 I'll be sure to give the name if I decide to do that.

Well, you all take care; and thanks for reading. ::hug::

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