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Friday, November 17, 2006

Guess it's time for my monthly post. xD

Once again, I apologize for the lack of commenting. It's the usual story, which you all are probably sick of hearing from me by now. ^_~ Gomen! ^^;;

Thanks to my Mom, I have to worry about Christmas shopping now. LOL I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I'm working to earn money for my tuition. Every penny I make has to go straight into my bank account, if I want my Parents to help me [which is only fair, in my opinion]. I'm not complaining, this grants me more time to decide what I want to attend College for. xD *indecisive*

So naturally, Dad was against me spending one paycheck on presents. My Mom refused to take no for an answer, so she kept pestering him until he changed his mind. ^_~ Sounds like someone wants a gift, ne?

I bought Al's several weeks ago, and he somehow persuaded me to give them to him. That's what I get for buying them so early. ^_~ He actually got two: a battery for his Gameboy SP, and Wild Arms: Alter Code F. When I learned that it was a remake of the original Wild Arms, I had to buy it...for him. xD I just started playing it today, and I love it so far. Kinda slow in places, but that's okay. They should've included the anime intro, though.

Well, if I don't speak to you before Thursday, I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving Day. ^_^ I should be able to finish commenting tonight. Thanks for reading!

The animated intro to the original Wild Arms. Sadly, this is all I remember from the original. I was too young to fully play/understand it, so I just watched my cousin xD. Ahhhh, the memories. ^_~

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Monday, October 9, 2006

   An Update... Yatta! xD

Thanks to my job, I haven't been on MyO too much these past few weeks. They keep scheduling me for the late shift, and the only thing I want to do by the time I get home is sleep ^_~. You don't want me commenting when I'm tired anyways, I make no sense whatsoever. Then again, how is that different from any normal time xD.

My birthday [which was many, many moons ago] went great. Didn't get the Gamecube, but that's okay. I guess I'll just have to go live with Washu when Twilight Princess is released ^_~. You'd better make room for me!

I must admit though, my Parents did shock me with their gift. I had shown them the Tales of Phantasia One-Coin Figures on Ebay, and they told me to go ahead and buy one. I'm not going to tell you who the lucky character was either, because then I'll just come off as sounding obsessed xD. *looks at avatar* My Dad is still trying to figure out what the heck he bought lol.

Then with my birthday money I bought the Klarth F. Lester Drama CD. Even though I was unable to find translations, it entertained me nonetheless. The last two tracks especially x3. They should've given Milard some speaking time though!
Well, since I'm on the topic of Phantasia [you all must be sick of me talking about it -^^-], I learned the other day that the Animation is actually getting Dubbed. Patrick Seitz confirmed himself as not only the Director, but the Voice Actor for Dhaos as well. To be honest, I've never heard of the guy xD. Oh well.
Hope you all have a good week. ^_^ I plan on putting the buttons back up this evening. I would've had them up sooner, but I did something really stupid to mess things up.

Thanks for reading!

[Sanzo is thinking back on a conversation he had with Komyou. Keep in mind that Sanzo's name at the time was Kouryuu, instead of Genjyo Sanzo.]

Kouryuu: I wonder about you, Master. You picked up a parentless child like me...and keep me by your side.

Komyou: *silent for a minute* ...Well. I heard your voice.

Kouryuu: Huh?

Komyou: You called to me. I guess it was my mission. You were pesistent, you know. That calling... A voice, but not a voice. I couldn't help but hear. I was rather annoyed. So I simply took you with me.

Kouryuu: I don't understand a thing you just said.

Komyou: Maybe you'll hear it someday, too. A voice, I mean.

Kouryuu: If someone did that to me... I'd find him, no matter what. And then I'd tell him to shut it and pop him in the head.

-- Gensomaden Saiyuki Vol. 3 Extra, "Calling"

Thought this was cute. xD This is to match the Saiyuki quote up above.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Me, Again

Another update. The end must be near, I tell you xP.

My job has been a pain lately. Seems like over half of the workers are in High School, so we are extremely short until the evening hours; and a lot of the workers have been calling in. Bah! I haven't had a break for over a week now, and I'm not scheduled for one until Wednesday. Oh well, more money for me ^_^. Once I meet my goal money-wise, I'm outta there. So, please forgive this one if she says something stupid/incomprehensable on your site, or in a PM. My brain seems to have abandoned me xP.


Since all this is information regarding Tales of Phantasia, you can skip this if you want.

Oh, and Tales of Phantasia is a game. I didn't really make that clear on my last post ^_^;. Though, this game does have an Animation based on it as well. Naruto fans may recognize Klarth's voice. His seiyuu was none other than Hatake Kakashi. I've never watched the Japanese Version to Naruto, so that was news to me ^^;.

If you want to check into the Phantasia, you will probably find it for the GBA. There are various remakes though [... SNES (original), Playstation, and soon to be PSP...], but they never made it out of Japan; which is a real shame. The PSX version looks sooo good ;_;.

The Animation is only four episodes long, though. So naturally, it's almost nothing like the game. They managed to capture the feel of it, while including the main plot points.

There's plenty of magic, Elves, Summoning, and humor in this title. There's your recommendation from me xP. Fire Emblem is my other, but I'll do that later. This post is long enough lol.

I bought Dirge of Cerberus the other day! [dances] But Al broke our only controller. He should pay with his life, ne?

My Parents may be getting me a Game Cube for my birthday! Yeah man! [dances some more] I know what I'm buying ^_^. Hopefully, they won't change their minds [...again...] within the two weeks. And they call me indicisive lol.


Long post, I know. I'm still not sure how often I'll be able to drop by your sites, but you will see me sometime. This one refuses to leave. xP Thanks for understanding *hugs*.

Catch you all later!

Another Phantasia video. This one lacks those pesky subtitles, so enjoy ^_^. Dunno what the song is.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

I Stress, Therefore I Am

Don't worry, you're eyes are not decieving you. I am actually updating! ^_~ Yeah, this one is still alive. How long has it been now? I'm baaaack. xP ~too much coffee~

Once again, I apologize for my lack of commenting these past few months. The title of my post sums up the majority of my absense. So many things have happened these past few months, it was nearly impossible for me to get to all of you. I tried at first, but my attempts to get all the way throught the list always ended in vain; so I gave up. ^_~ Since I couldn't take the time to visit, it was only fair that I ceased updating until I had the time. Please forgive me : ( . I should be caught up by Tuesday night. Oh, and don't be afraid to tell me if I have missed your site; you know how much of a scatter-brain I tend to be LOL.

I'll leave you all with that for now. Thanks for all the kind comments on my fanart, I submitted soo many moons ago. ^_~ Thanks for reading. *hugs* Take care everyone, and nighty-night.

Quote: ..."If there is evil in this world, it lurks in the hearts of men..."

-- Edward D. Morrison, Tales of Phantasia

My favorite character from Phantasia. I thought his was a cute video xP. Take heed, it does contain some language in it.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well, my High School graduation was held last Friday. The last day of school was on a Tuesday, so I got all that extra time to dread that ceremony xP. Music has always had a huge emotional impact on me, and as soon as the choir began singing that I Hope You Dance song, I got the urge to cry---but I didn't ^_^. C'mon, I'm much stronger than that! The ushers even gave us bubbles at the end, huzzah! LOL

I uploaded a new fanart. Keep in mind that this is just a pencil sketch at the moment. ^^' I'll apply some color to it later on when I can figure out how I want to do it. Any suggestions? xP Please vote and comment on it when you have the time. Thanks to those who already have *hug*.

Now for the DOINK! part of my post ^_^. My brother asked me to make him a Tonberry rattle in my ceramics class at the beginning of the school year; some of you may remember me mentioning this a while back. Well, I would have shown pictures earlier, but my Art Teacher imprisoned him in the display case at school ;_;.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am aware that a Tonberry is not a Tonberry without its knife. Clumsy me broke it off and lost misplaced it ^^'. Instead of standing, the lazy thing sits >_<.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


This is what he looks like standing; I used a pen lid to prop him up :P.

I'll finish visiting the rest of you all later tonight. Thanks for reading ^_^.

Take Care

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Temporary Theme

Prom wasn't as boring as I thought it was going to be. ^_^ The highlight of the night was when Washu went to take her pictures. Her date came over to our table and motioned for us to come with them; turned out she wanted all of us to be in the picture with her--which had to be ten people at the most. Needless to say, the photographer didn't take to the idea too good. When you argue with I want my money back, it's hard for them to say no ~_^. Money talks LOL.

I'm currently working on another fanart. I don't really want to spill the beans as of yet, but I will tell you that it does have a hint of realism to it. So many hours has already gone into it, and that was just the sketch >_<. I hate drawing noses, meh. Of the devil, they are!

My AP European History exam is Friday. I wasn't as nervous about it until Monday. *gulp* That was the main reason I started on the fanart, I had to take my mind off of it *nervous laugh*. Looking on the bright side, after Friday there will only be two days of school left. Huzzah!

My apologies if I don't get to your sites over the next couple of days. ^_^'

Take Care Everyone!

I thought this was funny xP. This is wrong in every way LOL. Who all agrees with the video, ladies? *raises hand* j/k ~_^ Spoiler Warning. Don't watch this unless you've seen Advent Children.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Prom Night

You know, it feels awkward when I hold my copy of Advent Children in my hands. How long was it again? ~_^ I couldn't have been more pleased with the dub, but that's my two cents on it. Not worth too much. My favorite part was mixed in the Reminisence of Final Fantasy VII. You probably know which part that is too xP.

Dirge of Cerberus set for an August release? I can't believe me ears. o_O

Well it looks like I'm actually going to be heading to my Prom Saturday night. My friends would not hear the end of it until I said yes. It'll be nice to spend an evening hanging out with them I guess >_<. Dances really aren't my thing though. Yes, I'm dull. *sniff*

Take Care Everyone ^_^

An Advent Children AMV set to Breaking Benjamin's Blow Me Away.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm Back...Sort Of

It's been a while, ne? ^_^ Today was the first day that I was actually able to sit down and comment on your sites. I will probably be gone for one more week; I'm scheduled to take my semester finals are scheduled for next week, so you know how that goes ^^.

Well the only thing I have left is this cute Saiyuki video to share. Sorry to make this short, but it's time for this one to hit the hay *yawn*.

Take Care

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