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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

   I really dunno what this is for >.>
Life sucks don't you agree? Please tell me? If you don't agree please tell me why?canít you see that youíre smothering me holding to tightly afraid to lose control everything that you thought i would be is falling apart right in front of you. iíve become so numb canít feel you there iíve become so tired so much more aware iím becoming this all i want to do is be more like me and be less like you and i know i may end up failing too you were just like me with someone disappointed in you. Why are these lyrics stuck in my head and why canít I stop saying it? Iím losing my depressed friend err- cousin. English was awesome. Math ok. Computers crappy. Iím surrounded by idiots and my mom freakin thinks what I watch makes me do the things I do but sheís the one who constantly insults me on how I live. Iím writing an original story called Iím sorry I never told you how I felt. Then a mini series called The Quiet Girl. All sad so yeah. Someone told me to throw a single at Mr. R. Oh God! the mental image is stuck! Get it out!
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