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Thursday, September 7, 2006

oh god.. one more envirocrap schience lesson like that one, and one day i might actually wet myself in class. it was so godamn funny. anyway. i may have some time to so shizzle tonight (hopefully). i'm not going to do my essay as i have chosen (and laura is joining me) to give up geoggers. the new teacher n higgybottom n potter has dumped so much shizzle on us its just going to ruin my life within my other subjects. soi we're hopefully gonna give it up. fingers crossed. which will give me plenty more time to do stuff for other lessons - or stuff for this ^_^. but this all depends wether or not the head of 6thus formus will let us drop it. i cant take another subject in its place cuz it'll be too much. so hopefully she'll let us drop it outright n just doss around for those lessons that we should be having geog in. aaanyway. enough of my rants about 6thus formus. hazel, you need to update your otaku. as loverly as it is... it would be more interesting if you put something on it. erm... nothing much else to write :( kon'nichi-wa!

emma x

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