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Saturday, September 2, 2006

YAY IT'S A MONTH TILL MY B'DAY!!!!! Anyway, sorry i didnt update earlier - but my internet wouldnt let me come on here. wether this happened to anyone else i do not know. anyway. i've got a new picture i'll upload. but still no one's commented on my colourful treeko. :( so to make me happy.. please do comment

emma xx

p.s. i am vair vair tired as i've just been clothes shopping. and i hate shopping. and tiredness makes me grouchy. so i might just go kill something... like the computer... ^_^ and this was a pointless p.s. and i've forgotten why i really wanted to do this p.s. >_<

p.p.s ok i'm not gonna upload my fanart >_< page is down. like the whole bloody site was down earlier. WTF is going on?

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