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Friday, September 1, 2006

ok. so i gots nothing. i have no more fanart to put up (though i might do later). i have no more wallpapers (cuz i cant be arsed to make any, and they're pretty crap anyway). n the e-cards. well, they're all my old ones i'm putting up now so there arent any new ones :(

so i literally have nothing of interest

OOHHH RATE AND COMMENT MY COLOURFUL PIC PLEASE!!! tis on my portfolio n no ones commented/rated it *is sad* please??

em x

p.s. i have decided that it is my civil suty to try n upsate every day. n comment ppl on their work. and vote. even if no one does do it for me. *looks sad* please? tis only one pic i want to to look at.

p.p.s. i've done another pic (the one i started over a week ago) n its actually finsihed. but i'm going to be stubborn and not put it up. mwahahaha. still no one's commented on my colourful one :(

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