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Thursday, August 31, 2006

   new fanart!!!
i uploaded a new fanart pic!! tis shaded in (no surprise there). n i'm supposed to be working on a colour version of it - but guess what, i have no colouring crayons, n mum wont let me borrow my sisters (which are supposed to be uber-good). so i'm a bit screwed atm. i might work on that pic that i started, like 5 days ago n got annoyed with it. actually i might sort out the e-cards i'm supposed to be uploading again. some of them just really wont be submitted. so i'll have to change them. i've already changed one twice! so i'm getting a bit annoyed cuz i've got these e-cards and i cant upload them. unless i just put them on here n you just take them willingly. no cuz then it wont be sent as an email. *shakes fist* oh this site is so annoying at times!! i'm off to sort the e-cards out!

emma xx

p.s. ok this is about 8 hours after i orginally did this post. i've done a colour version of the treeko pic i did ^_^ so i'll be scanning that shortly and should be on later

p.s.s. oh yes. i've changed my site colours. from neon green - to neon blue ^_^ as you can probably see lol

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