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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

   ahhh! its half 10 already?? 0_o
morning ppl!! i'm not too good this morning. i'm tired/pissed off/feel ill. i'm really pissed off cuz i was drawing more fanart (which i was gonna suprise you all by saying nothing about it until i uploaded it) n then my pencil broke. so i sharpened it. n it broke again. so i'm left with a broken pencil and i cant find any more!! at all!! i'm like, i swear we bought some the other day. n there arent any around. grrr. i have no idea why i feel ill >_< probably cuz i've has, like, no food for a while. anyway. i looked at my slideshow thingy last night (whilst having alcohol and a VERY random conversation) n i just cant get it to be in a format that can be uploaded anywhere or played anywhere >_< so i'm stuck with it. oooh *promotes myspace*


<<< i know, the links also over there somewhere
but i want to put it here too ^_^ if you wanna add me on there, just warn me beforehand cuz i'm very likely to say no.

erm.. what else.... nothing really. oh i wont be on until later tomorrow as i'll be down my nan's doing cosplay ^_^ hopefully. erm... i'll upload shizzle loads more of e-cards again today. n wallpapers (these are all the ones that were uploaded on my old otaku, mind. they're not brand new ones i've just made. although a couple have been changed. like my max from beyblade one which i find extremely funny ^_^)

eck. gonna go attack something now.

emmmma xxx

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