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Monday, August 28, 2006

guten morgan! how are you all today?? i'm good. tired, n hungry. but good ^_^ i have given up on the idea of doing a little comic strip. i attempted it last night, n it didnt go terribly, but one person was always larger than the other person. so i had a tantrum n threw things around a lot (i paid dearly for that in the form of being made to tidy my room this morning lol). i'm gonna do the cosplay on wednesday as i have 4 ppl to choose from to help me (my sis, n 3 cousins ^_^). oooh can you rate my artwork again please??? whether you liked it or not, i don't mind, but please rate it/comment it again!! thankies!! *goes off to upload more e-cards*. can't be bothered to sign the fanart i've already put up. i'll just sign the next pics i put up - if there will be any. hehehe i love my avatar... dumbledore dancing...

em xx

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