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Sunday, August 27, 2006

   here i am again...
i'm back!! not that i ever went anywhere. but i've got a new otaku!! ^_^ and it's not broken!! so now all i've got to do is upload everything again (oh, that'll only take a few weeks lol) n delete my old account *is sad* but never fear! i have alcohol!! and i drew a new picture just like i promised. but it wont be on the old one. it shall be here. god knows when. i've gots to scan it in yet.

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

i love that song...

y'know what? this time i promise not to break this account ^_^

em xxx

p.s. i uploaded a new picture that i didnt put on my old otaku (cuz i only finished the pic today ^_^) and i'm proud to admit i screwed one of the eyes up >_<

p.p.s. i promise no more of my posts will be as long as this one

p.p.s i promise this the last p.s. thing lol. i'm gonna delete the fanart i've put up (if its possible :S) as i need to make a monr adjustment to them all - signing it :) ciao

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