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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well, I'm blogging a bit later than I expected I would be. Ah well.

My friend Ellen did indeed come all the way from Ireland to see me =D Having spoken to her pretty much every day for the past two years (ish), it just felt like meeting up with one of my "real-life" friends. It didn't feel wierd at all that it was the first time I've ever met someone from the internet.

Anyway, we got on like a house on fire, like I knew we would. We didn't do much, as there's nothing to do where I live XD We did go out to Frankie and Benny's and had a nice Italian meal =D

Now I just need to organise a trip to Ireland to go and visit Ellen there XD

Anyway... what else...

Oh, I've increased my hours at work. I'm now working at shitty little Tesco Express full time. I don't know why I offered to work full time at a job I hate. I guess I just really need the money XD

As far as things go with Ryan... well, I haven't seen much of him since my last post =S But I was working with him today <3

This morning, I launched Operation Boobs-In-Your-Face. LMAO. Okay, no. I was really freaking warm, and took off my fleece, and because the work tops are tight, it makes boobs stick out like WHOA.

Anyway, Operation Boobs-In-Your-Face didn't work so well with Ryan. As he is such a gentleman. But all the old pervy men were loving it, once again.

Well... nothing of major importance happened. Oh, we were laughing something chronic at Julie. She really can't hear a thing at the moment, due to an ear infection. But it's so funny. And then she ate sardines. And smelled so bad of fish. Ryan and I just could not stop laughing.

Oh, and then he spent pretty much my entire break with me =| He came in to show me the weather forecast (moar snow, people. Moar snow.) but then we just got talking about... well... snow. XD

And then for the last ten minutes or so of my shift, he pretty much followed me around =S Frankie had a queue, and had to ring the bell, and so I went to answer it, and Ryan came with me. Once the queue was gone, I went to go and finish the stock I was putting out on the shelf, but waited for Ryan, and he came with me again. Then once my shift was over, I was just talking to him out the back again.

My brain is on overdrive again. I hate it XD

Anyway, that is what has been going on for the past week... =)

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