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Saturday, August 1, 2009

   *Looks Around Nervously*
I should really be Beta-reading this chapter for someone's fanfiction...

But I had an urge to come here.

Only TalimSoul updated today/yesterday/whenever, and I must say... YOU MAKE ME LOL, GIRL! XD

I've hurt my arm =( I think I slept on it funny.

Erm... I has a week off from work =D

Three of my cousins have had Swine Flu XD But I think they're better, now.


Pokémon eggs =D

Yeah... All my good Pokémon are in the boxes on my PC on that site...

You should join up. It's so addicting. Though, you do have to take the validation quiz. But you could PM/email me the questions and answers, and I could answer them for you *shifty*

It's what I've done for two other friends LOL.



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