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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wowzee Wow
Apparently, I've used this title before... 0_o

And in reply to comments - nah thanks. I still never want to go back to college or onto university. The idea of going to uni has never interested me, and when I originally went to college... I dropped out. Twice. Because I actually hated that much.

The only education I want, is the training I'll receive when I go to become an R.S.P.C.A. Officer. Because that's the job I want to do =) And they give you full training and shit, so all will be good.

I just need to pass my driving test, get a full license, have it clean for at least three years, get some experience with animals in during the three years, and I can go and apply to the R.S.P.C.A. XD

The only problem is... Getting out of the stupid job I have now would be a very bad idea. As there are actually no other jobs around... I keep looking in the paper for jobs at animal shelters, or vets or something... But there's nothing =( I just have to hope the economy doesn't fuck up further so I can get another job XD

Which is actually what my Dad's hoping.

As he's been made redundant.

He went to the job centre yesterday, and the woman there searched within a 15 mile radius of jobs that he could do (like, working in a warehouse, doing welding, forklift driving and shit).

There was nothing.

And of course, to get at least a decent job, you at least need to have some GCSE's (or, if you're really old, O-Levels). My Dad has neither, because he dropped out of school when he was sixteen.

Before you say "omg, what a loser" or "like father like daughter" or any of the shit, maybe you should know why he dropped out.

Because he was continuously being bullied.
For being GINGER.
In the end, he'd had enough of being kicked, punched, pushed around and shit, so he fought back and left.

I quit college, because I fucking hated the place, and the 'education' was a joke.

But I did finish school. I got my GCSE's. So I can at least find another job when the time comes.

Enough about that...
I want another tattoo =S
I was writing my fanfiction last night (ooh, this is another potential job I might like to do when I'm a bit older- become an author), and Kai told Tala he wanted a tattoo...
Then that got me thinking, that I really do want another tattoo...

I love the one on my ankle, but I want MOAR >=D

I want something Bon Jovi related (I'm thinking, the face on the 'Have A Nice Day Album', y'know, the really bright red one XD what about that? On my foot?), and then I want daises around my left wrist, and daises down my left leg (a bit like Peaches Geldof, except I want the daises down the calf of my leg, not my thigh), and I want Spongebob Squarepants somewhere.

I am not joking about Spongebob.

Oh, oh, oh! And I want a black cat... I've always wanted a black cat, actually, ever since my own real-life black cat, Sasha, disappeared. I wanted a tattoo in her memory =)

I need designs first =/


And on that note...
Goodbye XD

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