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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

   Christmas Joke!
Where would you find a reindeer with no legs?
Where you left it.

Harry Hill

I've got five other Xmas jokes in this book... I'll put them up in posts as the week tootles by...

Oh bloody Hell, Bam. He's gone and woken the hamster up AGAIN. Poor Mikey is looking around bleary-eyed.
Also, Bam was just helping himself to Mikey's food. That bloody rabbit will eat anything!
AND he piddled on my bed again the other day, so I took the duvet cover and pillow case off, and I've dumped them on the floor (aiming to wash them today), and Bam keeps going up to them, nosing them, rubbing his chin along them, and then LYING on them. It's like they're HIS bedding now.
I think not.

I've hurt my ankle =(

Me and Dave were walking to his car last night (oo-er - shut up, shut up, shut up, brain!) because he gives me a lift home. Anyway, the new owner of the pub whose car park we use to park in - HAD TURNED ALL OF THE LIGHTS OFF!.

So, that meant that it was rather, er, dark. And the car park can't actually be classed as a carpark. More like a mud patch with holes that people park their cars in. It floods a lot.

Anyway, the holes... Yes, I just happened to step in one of them >_< These holes aren't really deep, but deep enough to make you lose balance a bit if you fall in one, and twist your ankle - which is what I've done.

It feels better, though, because I've had a support bandage on through the night.

I just got a text message... Off whom?

From my good chum Laura. Asking if I have the day off on Monday =)

Apparently, I have 7.00 credit on my phone =O I don't even remember topping it up XD I don't have a contract phone... I don't think I could be trusted XD More to the point, I don't phone anyone, only text, so what would be the point? And I'm not like, topping it up every week... More like once a month. If that.

Let's play a game.

I'm going to give you three facts about me. One of them will be true, and two of them will be false. You have to think which one is true ^^

1) As a child, I used to be obsessed with poo.

2) I've owned four pets rats in the past.

3) My favourite vegetable is carrots.

There we go =D Try and guess which one you think is true! XD


Thinking of the 'origami' one... I bought a book of origami last week. I've yet to look through it XD

Is that all today? *Thinks* probably so.

Oh wait!

I have the night off work tonight =D

Now, that is all XD

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