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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where were the most monarchs crowned?
On the head.

Harry Hill's Whopping Great Joke Book

I'm gonna put a joke up at the beginning of every post... Because Harry Hill is a legend XD

Mondays are now going to be stand-up comedy day post-wise. Yesterday's post was a hit, so I'm going to do something like that every Monday XD I just need to make sure I read the papers and stuff.

Ok... Erm... A new fanfiction is up over on TheO... Oh, and MY QUIZ HAS ACTUALLY BEEN ACCEPTED =O

It's the very first Beyblade quiz on the site =D I'm so happy. Just watch out - there's a bit of a trick result at the end... You might get someone normal like Kai, Tala or Tyson... But there's someone who you may not be expecting =P

I was going to say something... But I've forgotten what it was.

I really need to read the Death Note mangas I have... I bought the first five the other week, and I still haven't read them!

I've got the day off work tomorrow =) Well, I say day... But it's actually night XD I was owed 5 hours to take back, so I decided to have tomorrow's shift off (I work 5 hours on a Wednesday night). Fantastic.

That'll give me lots of time to write more fanficcy goodnesses. I'm in the middle of another oneshot. Unfortunately, this one won't be appearing on TheO as it's, erm, more mature LOL. I also need to write some more for my multi-chaptered fics... Good God.

I've got a plan already for Monday's post XD Providing Amy Winehouse does something interesting within the next week, of course XD

I think I'm working with Dave tonight *thinks*. I like Dave. I had a dream about him last night. I'm not going to go into details, because you really don't need them.

I hate my brain, sometimes XD

Bam is running riot around my room, sniffing my clothes. WHY DOES HE DO THAT?! Also, if I stand still for long enough, he'll start running around in circles around me. I have a video of that somewhere on my phone, actually. I'll have to upload it at some point.


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