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Monday, July 21, 2008

   It's Been One Whole Year...
... Since the floods last year. Well, OK, it was exactly a year on Saturday, but my internet was being a fuckwit, and so I couldn't reminisce.

Here's some piccy-wiccy's.

They were taken at the bottom of the hill we live on, and on the bridge. The one picture with the orange barriers was taken in Cropthorne, where the road actually collapsed, and was named "Cropthorne Canyon". It's still called that now, even though the road is actually fixed...

My parents actually drove around the lanes, to get on the other side of the floods to take most of these pictures. It was actually quite scary.

Hmm... It was all quite mad. I seriously hope it doesn't happen again.

Eh, new chapter of 'Confessions' is up, if anyone reads that XD Pip pip!

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