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Friday, July 18, 2008

   Ahhh... Erm... Yahhh...
Commentsies. I did try to comment yesterday, but then the internet died, so I gave up. But thanks for the comments today. No, yesterday! =D

My parents shall never know about my manlove manga. EVER. Even if I have to eat it to stop them from finding it! My Mum walked into my room yesterday whilst I was reading it. I was like "AHHH! DON'T YOU EVER KNOCK?!" *stuffs
manlove under duvet*. Hahahaha.

foamy14, it's... Good. Lol. But, where the anime just doesn't blank out ANYTHING, the manga has conveniently placed bursts of light covering somethings up. But, you can still see practically everything XD As the little bursts of light aren't all that big XD

I feel like singing "they call me mr bombastic". I need to find out the proper name of that song. And then download it. Mwahahaha *googles*.

It's just 'Mr. Bombastic'. I am downloading it (illegally, I may add, as with everything else XD), and then I shall sing along to it, and add it to my mobile phone XD And it will be my ringtone.


*Wheezing with laughter at her own madness*. Help.

*Wheezing with laughter even more*

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