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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank you for all your comments =D 12!! They made me happy!

I'm unimpressed, because my internet just restarted itself, and I'd written an awesome post!

Work last night was hilarious! I was working with Rich, so it was bound to be XD We danced round the shop whilst singing 'Prince Charming' and 'they call me mr bombastic'. LOL.

Rosie and Alex have split up =( Y'know, Rosie's the one who had the baby. I put up photos, remember? Anyway, Alex packed his bags, told Rosie he didn't love her anymore, and that he's only interested in Jake. What a bastard!!

My cousin Shane and his girlfriend Lisa (they've been together for years, don't worry XD) and their little baby girl came in the shop, and Shane told me they're thinking of make me a god parent to the little baby (I've forgotten her name XD). I was like '=O' when he told me!!



I have a new fanfic up!! As in, a proper new one. It's a Georgia Nicolson one, as you all know how much I lobe those books XD I can't wait for the film! I am literally buzzing with excitement.

Oh, the postman yesterday was in fact a postwoman. She has to knock on the door, because my mangas wouldn't fit through the letterbox XD I'm very surprised. I thought Sensitive Pornograph was going to be bigger than it is (OO-FUCKING-ER!), but it's actually quite a small manga. I've hidden it in one of my drawers. OO-ER!

I really am just going to shut up, now XD


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