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Monday, July 14, 2008

I am so excited, I might actually pee.

It doesn't help that I've just downed two cans of coke. Hahahahahahahaha.

I went on Amazon.co.uk (I've given up on Waterstones.co.uk, and Play.com completely - for a while anyway XD), and I've ordered Fruits Basket volume 19, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...


Hooray for manlove manga =D

I've been trying to order it ever since I watched the anime (ahhh... The mental images XD), and it's ALWAYS been out of stock, and I just happened to look at it today, and there was ONE COPY left! So I was sat there, cursing my internet and going, "fucking Hell!! ADD TO FUCKING CART! I WANT TO FUCKING BUY IT!"

So... Once my internet decided to play, it got added, and should be here by Wednesday or Thursday =D Along with Fruits Basket 19.

But, with a name like 'Sensitive Pornograph', it will definitely catch my parents' eyes if they ever wander into my room... So I may have to hide it XD

Talking of parents wandering into my room... I left Bam outside last night, and Mum came in my room this morning to grab his food bowl.

Anyway, I was still asleep... Hahahaa... And Mum said... Mum said... I was sleeping in the most odd position...


I was halfway down the bed, shoved right against the wall, and my arms were just dangling down by my sides.


She said it was actually physically impossible for me to get any closer to the wall. Oh, how it made me laugh, I'm still giggling now. Noooo, need to pee XD So yes, I was actually crying from laughter, because the mental image was so funny, and it didn't help that Mum did an impression XD

Anyway, sorry I haven't been online. I haven't really had any time to myself. I've just been so fucking busy X_X I need to write some chapters for my fanfics, too... Gah.

I might go and pee first.


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