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Thursday, July 10, 2008

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I still have that Charlie the Unicorn video 2 in my head. "Swim away Foogoo fish!" hahaha. Anyway, thanks for your comments, and I warn you, this is going to be a long post.

I may change my theme soon. I'm getting bored of Nellie.

Hahaha, Bam (rabbit) just tried to climb up my quilt (I've pushed it up against the wall), and he made it halfway up, then slid back down. Backwards XD

Erm... On Sunday, I did that extra 3 hours, didn't I? Wasn't too bad, I guess. Monday... I did my training (can't remember anything, which doesn't really help), and then we went to the Orthodontist, and I got my bottom set of braces on X_X

Before I carry on with that, I'd like to say that Bam keeps nudging my laptop. For attention.

Anyway, Boob-woman asked me if I wanted different coloured bands this time, so I asked for purple *grins with purple teeth*. So, Boob-woman took the grey bands off my top ones, and put purple ones on (though, she missed a grey one, and it's still there), and tightened the top brace (I personally didn't feel it get any tigheter =/).

So, then she put my bottom brace on, and now my mouth is purple =D As much as I hate my braces, at least I'm happy in the knowledge that they are purple for now =D When I go to see my consultant in September, and she asks if I want a different colour for the bands, I may go for green XD

So... Tuesday... Not much happened... I was off work. Oh, and I was off work yesterday, too. It rained ALL DAY yesterday. And I literally mean all day. Non-stop. I dunno if my fellow English peopel watched the national weather at all Tuesday, but if you did, you would have seen how long it lasted =O It's quite sunny today, though. It's a bit cloudy, but sunny, too, y'know?

So... I also had my driving lesson. I was really worried, because I hadn't driven a car for over a week, so I thought I was gonna do spectacularly crap. In fact, it was the opposite XD

We were going to drive to Worcester, but the rain put me off that idea. So, we drove to Evesham again, and there was this pigeon. It was sat in the road, and I saw it, and I was like "is it going to move?", and Susanne said "it doesn't look as though it is".

Well, it did move - too late. Just as it flew off, it hit the windscreen XD As much as I shouldn't find that funny, I do. I dunno whether it survived or not, I couldn't exactly stop on the main road to find out XD

So... Then we went into Evesham... I did a three-point turn fantastically =D Then I did a parallel park. Fantastically. And then... Heh.

We were driving through the town centre, and there's a lot of pedestrian crossings. Anyway, we were coming up to one, and I started slowing down, because I saw a woman come up to the crossing. But she didn't press the button or wait or anything! She saw me coming and just walked out!

So I had to do an emergency stop. Susanne was like "are you OK?". I was fine, but the best part of this story is that the woman who had walked out was already bandaged up, and completely bruised and battered already! Me and Susanne had a good laugh and said "it's no wonder she looks like that if she just walks out in front of cars". LOL!

I ordered Fruits Basket 17 the other day. And I've read it =D So, what do you do when you've read that one? You order the next one XD I got an email from Amazon this morning saying Fruits Basket 18 has been despatched, and I'm using first class apparently, so it should be here tomorrow. Hopefully.

Christ, I have 700 songs exactly on my iPod, and I can't find even one that I want to listen to >_<

New pictures of Bam =) Actually, here's some pictures of the scratches he gave me before we got his claws clipped (that was an experience and a half - the vet wouldn't stop loving him. The vet is quite sensationally mad).

Yes, one of those scratches have actually scarred. And yes, I do still have my belly button pierced XD

Oh yes! Pay day tomorrow! We have a 30% bonus as well =O Quite fabulous. As I have more training tomorrow, I may go to Love Italy Girl (the other Love Italy store has older clothes in - bleck), and spend =D It's real expensive in there, though, and the woman who runs the shops actually ships clothes in from Italy =O So I'm going to have a badger in there =)

I discovered the other day that I have 12 pairs of shoes. I don't know how, why or when I accumilated them all, but I have.

Anyhoo, I must be off to comment. Pip pip!

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