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Monday, July 7, 2008


I SOOOOO CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS FILM!!!! You all know how I'm obsessed with the Georgia Nicolson books (btw, 'Stop In The Name Of Pants!' is really good XD), and when I heard that they were making them into films, I got all excited.

This is isn't the trailer I saw on T.V., though. Must find it.

This isn't the one I saw either =/ It does look good, though XD My friend Sian texted me yesterday, and asked me if I'd seen the trailers, and that we should go and see it XD So we definitely are.

But by the looks of things... They've made Robbie really weedy =/ Unless that was Dave The Laugh. No, it was definitely Robbie, because he was on stage. Hahahaha. I sound so mad XD

Ho hum, I must be off.

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