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Saturday, January 26, 2008

kill me now!!!!
ok so you guys know that every saturday my mom and the twerps come out to visit. well my sister got herself into a a whole lot of trouble so much trouble I can't even describe it to you. but anyways she's supose to sit in one spot the entire day today, and so far I want to basicly in the nicest way to put it hang her by her thumbs.

she has to go pee every 5 damn minutes and it's getting on my nerves. if I kill her don't be surprised.

I know I'm supose to try and get along with her, but it's kinda hard when she's the one getting along with you. bc she's slways freaken rolling her eyes at me, she does it so much that you would want to pluke her eyes out.

ok I'm done complaining. so on sunday I might get to see JUNO which I've been dieing to see. and of course I get two more managas that I don't need,but I'm collecting them my new years resalution is to buy about a hundred and fifty and so far I'm at about 90-95 somewhere in there.

well I have to go kill my sister now and do some homework so I'll try and post tomaorrow when I get the chance.^-^

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