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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I need help from writers!!!
Well I'm trying to write a story (which is hard for someone who has no time what so ever..) I haven't really done much with it lately. I want to make it original but I keep finding that I keep writing parts that kinda resemble parts in the Twilight series. (Then I know why I had such a great idea. -_-'' *sigh*) So that's kinda holding me back in a way. There's no vampires though. lol I'm also indecisive about what my main character's names should be for the girl(who I'm currently calling Julia) I'm thinking of changing it to Juliet or Christine. For the guy (who is currently named Conner) I have NO idea what to call him....so yeah I'm totally stuck. So if you have any suggestions I'm totally open to hearing them.

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