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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Well I have finals tomorrow and Thursday...but that's ok..I'm sure I'll do ok. I hope.
And omg (this is for my friend who is a big fan) Heath Ledger died. It was kinda funny because I saw it on the news and I went to pick up the phone to call her and the phone rings and it turns out to be her! lol we've been best friends since 3rd grade though.
Now onto the creepy stuff...
I have a facebook (which is my real name and everything) so I can talk to friends from real life on there. Well one day about 3-4 days ago I got an invite to be friends with this guy from Saudi Arabia. So I declined and sent him a message telling him that I wasn't comfortable with adding him. Then he starts asking me personal questions..like who I live with, do I have a boyfriend, how old I am...then what really got me was when he says basically says "I check for your message everyday before I work so you need you to message me everyday." I AM SO CREEPED OUT!!! Plus he asks me to tell him EXACTLY where I live...omg..so yeah I need to figure out how to report him...

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