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Friday, November 23, 2007

   omg i can't believe i forgot to tell u guys this............
my gma died and we had to go to her funeral i didn't really know her os it wasn't a huge deal for me but my mom and brother an dolders sister went all weepy..... it was kinda scary and my mom forced me to go up there and see her in the coffin and i was like nooo! dead ppl scare me! and she gave up after about ten minutes of endless pushing and shoving and whining. so i got to stand in line fo ra pretty long time on the way back to the front doors and when we got there we didn't even leave so we ended up staying there for like an hour before we could leave. it sucked there were too many ppl there that i didn't know and they kinda scared me.

caramel says hello.

i think the only good thing we got out of that would be the money she gave to evrybody in her family. she gave me, my sisters and brother fifty dollars and my mom i think a hundred... and then mom had to borrow my money so she still owes me.... and then for baby sitting these two evil little demonchildren and with all that i'm gonna be rich in no time! haha! plus i'm cleaning and that's gonna be about five dollars from brad. which i don't think is entirely worth it cause of how big of a house we have...... i'd bump it up to about fifteen if i could but he doesn't get his check for a while so i'll just sit back and be happy w/ what i got. neways i gotta go evrybody byes hope u enjoy the site lataz!

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