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Friday, November 2, 2007

   I'm Back! XP yayses....
sorry about the long disappearance, but now i'm back.. and i have a few things to say i am a wolf's rain fanatic, i'm slowly losing what's left of my mind, i am feeling very lonely being all cooped up in a very boring old house. i am aching from nearly being thrown off of my horse, i feel like a complainer right about now so i'll just stop and try to think happy thoughts..... hmm. i know i decided to put up a purty awesome video i hope you like.... plz comment.... oh, god plz save me from this boredom.... back to happiness back to happiness....... skittles.. they aim to please... one can never have too much sugar... be random be very random..... i have a kitten! she bounces around like alittle ball of fluff... she has a weird thing about feet though she sneaks under the blanket to attack your toes in the middle of the night, yowch.. the little furrball just bit me!.... she seems to think that she can destroy anything bigger than her.. she's just like her dad. he thinks he's all big and bad until he met the raccoon. yeesh. i think the racoon might've actually been scared for a minute there. ... by the way yin-yang i was betting on you! he's gotten old.. it's so sad T.T he isn't the playfull little ball of fur anymore, he turned lazy as soon as he was a year old.. for some reason you never are bored around these kitty's...right now i have one of them, the mom sleeping on my lap while i'm typing, she draped herself over my left arm, and decided to fall asleep.... okay i've run out of things to talk about... bye
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