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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 05/22/04:
Sure, I can be an intelligent-emotional-waterloving person :p

Water Goddess
Goddess of Water. You can be quite emotional at
times, but are intelligent. You are at home in
the water.

What Goddess Are You? (Girls)
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Result Posted on 05/22/04:
This is soo totally true! I'm am obsessed with anime!

Oooh! Great Job!
You are a *huge* anime fan! You are just like me,
you mainly daydream about anime, sleep and
think about anime, and are a total anime

Anime Addict Quiz, Are You One?
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Result Posted on 05/22/04:
I think this is pretty close to me.

You are most like Duo!
Find out Which Gundam boy you are.

Result Posted on 05/22/04:
I really don't know if I'm THAT innocent...

Innocent Angel
Innocenct Angel. Innocence. A true angel. Probaly a
younger one. Not yet shown the real way of this
planet. Lemme give you some advice, stay that
way, for as long as you can. The pure make it.

What Element Angel Are You?
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Result Posted on 05/22/04:
I don't know about that "not taking action if it involves confrontation but other that that, it's pretty accurate.

Green Tea
Green Tea... You are Green Tea! Strong and very smart you prefer peace to violence
and very rarely take action if it involves
confrontation. But you make up for this with
your keen insight and understanding of the
world and people around you, you have a very
mysterious nature. Many people see you as laid
back and that may be true but you are very
intelligent and make good decisions.

What type of Tea are you? {-With Anime Pictures!-}
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