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Friday, January 7, 2005

   Crossing Through the Darkness, to a Place That Still Shines
Hey everyone! (It's still the 6th here) Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I've been kinda busy though. I hope everyone had a good New Years and stuff. It's freakin' freezing here, it's minus 5 and that's about as cold as it gets here. Thank god for living on an island, the ocean makes our winters milder. Some places inland are like, minus 40 right now *shudder* I don't think I would survive in temperatures like that, -5 is enough for me, lol! I am definitely a summer person. Well, I bet you've heard enough of my complaining, so new topic... It's been snowing all day and it just started to stick a little while ago and if it keeps up the way it's going right now I could be looking at a snow day tomorrow^.^ I won't get my hopes up too high because that doesn't happen often around here. But we had one last year, so maybe. One of my friends got a digital camera for Christmas so she's been taking pictures at school all week so I'll put some of those in with this post so you can see me and my friends and how good we are at [not] working at school :P Well, i don't have much else to say so I guess I'll go visit as many sites as I can and just pray for that snow day (it'd be nice considering I didn't do my homework, lol). Talk to you all later!

Me and Brianna in Math...what are you talking about? of course we're working! :P

Teri, Kim, Me...and the Periodic Table of Elements, lol

Caitlin, Me, Kim, Danielle and Meredith

Caitlin, Jessica, Meghan H., Me Meredith and Kim

Brianna, Meredith, Meghan S., Jessica, Me, Kim (with a blurry face) and Caitlin

Me, Kim and Meredith

Whoa, lotsa pics, lol!


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