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Monday, November 29, 2004

   I'm getting really bad at the whole
Ack! I haven't been on in so long! It really didn't seem like that long but it's been twelve freakin' days!!! I'm so sorry! I don't know how I get so sidetracked but I guess I do. Anyways, school is going pretty good, we just got report cards and I got on the Honour Roll but I'm not really happy with my math mark, I kinda did really bad in it first term. Oh well, I'll work harder this term...yeah, I say this now ^.^ Anyways, no more talking about school, I get enough of that AT school. Ok...onto horsies! (I bet you could see that coming) I rode Ginger on Friday for a couple of hours after school and by the time I was done it was really dark and cold. I'm riding Kayak tomorrow IF it stops raining by then. Poor Budd hasn't been feeling that great lately, over the past week or so he's colicked a couple of times which is kinda scary because if it's bad enough horses can die from it. Poor Budd, I hope he get's better soon. New topic...I finally got an appointment with the knee surgeon. It's so hard to get one! We first phoned to say I needed an appointment in August and I just got one now. And the only time they had available was 8 in the morning! So I am going tomorrow morning and then I shall find out if I need surgery or not. I'm so happy I finally got in though because I've been putting up with my sore knee for 7 months now! Ok well, I shall go...math homework awaits *glares at evil math homework* I'll talk to you all later!


Ahh!!! It's me! *runs and hides*

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