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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

   Why yes, I am crazy, Thank you for noticing
Yay! No homework for me tonight! I'm so happy. I finished all my math homework during class time and I didn't get homework in any of my other classes so I can do absolutely nothing tonight! It really felt weird walking home without my backpack though, because I was not about to take an empty backpack home, lol! Also, I got my French and Socials tests back today and I got 90% on both of them. I also found out my final end of term mark for my Science Honours class and I have 92% in that!!! I am hyper and I think that it is showing through my post, with all my random subject changes and the exclamation marks and such. I am also eating chocolate chip cookie dough straight out of a two pound tub and my kitty is staring at me for some strange reason. I am supposed to be riding Ginger tomorrow after school so it better be nice out! The weather's been so weird lately, yesterday morning, the wind was blowing like crazy then it started to pour halfway though the day and then it completely cleared up and was sunny for my riding lesson. Ok, well I suppose I will go and do something to release all my stupid pent-up energy...psh, that's what I'd be saying if I wasn't lazy.I'll go visit sites instead ^.^

As I promised, here's the sequel-ish video to the one from my last post. Personally this ones my favourite. Oh, and there's a hidden scene you can access, I wanna see how many people can find it. But I'll give you guys a hint...it envolves a green star. That's all I'm gonna say right now, (sorry, when I'm hyper I do strange things). Well here it is!

Trouble at Hogwarts

I'll talk to you guys later!

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