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Thursday, August 12, 2004

   It's Stiflingly (is that a word?) Hot Here *pant*
It is so hot here right now! I'm almost to the point where I am panting like Rosie, and she's a Rottweiler!) Anyways, I watched the meteor shower last night with Meredith, it was really awesome. We saw over thirty of them! And there were so many stars and it was so clear, we slept outside on lawnchairs! Then my sister's cat woke me up around sunrise ans it was to bright to go back to sleep so I had to move inside. Stupid cat *glares at cat as he walks by*. Speaking of kitties, I think have a picture of my cat I could show you all, because I love my kitty. Hmm, I'm trying to think of what else I've done today, but other that the stuff I told you, all I did was watch Cardcaptor Sakura, talk on msn and update myOtaku site, lol! Pretty layed back day.

Here's My Kitty!!!

Well, Until Next Time,

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