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Sunday, August 8, 2004

   I Like Horsies, But I'm Bored, And I'm Mad At My Skis...In August, lol!
Well, I just finished watching Hidalgo...again. I'm sorry but it's the best movie, it's awesome! It's still the seventh here, it's 11:39 PM and I've been freakin' bored all day. My friend Meredith just got back from Nelson today and I am happy because it seems like none of my friends are around lately, they're all on vacations somewhere. It's annoying because it seems like all I'm doing lately is watching T.V., going online and, as of a few days ago, watching Hidalgo tons, lol! I've watched it four times in three days *blush*. Well, you can't blame me, there's nothing to do. I can't go for bike rides or anything because of my knee, I tried going for one today and it was a bad idea, my knee is so sore (even more so) because of it now. I'm starting to depise skiing even more as I find out new things about what's wrong with my knee. Even though I'm bored as hell right now, and most of the time, I'm still not ready to go back to school. The only good this about going back to school is seeing friends and getting new clothes, lol! But I won't have to worry about school for a while, I still have a month of summer left (we don't go back until September 7th), which is nice. And I'm sorry to all of you people who are already back in school :( Well, I'm gonna go... sleep...or... something...I'm so...freakin'...bored!!!

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