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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

   My Obsession Of The Moment
A while ago in English, we were doing poetry and we had to write sonnets which are strange poems with weird rhyming patterns and each line has to have 10 syllables and I really don't think you people want to have an English lesson from Ayme right now so I'm just gonna show you my two sonnets, that I am very proud of I might add. The first one's about the horse I ride every week for my riding lesson, his name's Kayak and the second poem is about the water fight I started a while back (I wrote a post about it and it's in my archives now). Leave a comment and tell you what you think. I don't know why I'm deciding to do this right now, maybe the stress of the exams are getting to me...or maybe it's the heat...but anyways, bear with me...

Riding Freedom

As Kayak steps down, something jolts through me
The horseís footsteps match my own heartbeat
As he runs with me, I feel like Iím free
The deafening sound of his pounding feet
The cantering horse brings wind to my face
Traveling always with sure-footed gaits
On Kayakís back is my favourite place
The exciting feeling always awaits
Running quickly through grass, gravel and dust
I hold on to the reins with a tight grip
Being together is always a must
I know in my heart that heíll never trip
Together, I know, we make a great team
On him, it feels like Iím riding a dream

Water Fight

Track and Field on a hot and sticky day
An evil grin appears upon my face
I douse Kim with water, she has no say
Water starts flying all over the place
I think to myself, "What have I begun?"
More girls with water join into the fun
I struggled to fight back with all of my might
Hallways and changerooms looked like swimming pools
Even though it was cold, we still went on
We acted and laughed like a bunch of fools
It seemed like it could have lasted till dawn
But then the bell rang, signaling the end
This proves crazy fights happen between friends

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

   Fairly Happy
Even with the fact that I have exams tomorrow, I am pretty happy, I know this probably sounds very strange (Ayme happy when she knows she's gonna fail her stupid Socials exam tomorrow). I'm happy because over the last week I've made 75 bucks babysitting, and the people literally payed my to watch TV, because that's all I did, lol! The sad part is, I've already spent all the money, except for the 30 bucks I made today. Oh well, what good is money if you don't spend it, right? lol!
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Thursday, June 17, 2004


Ok, I think you guys get the point now, lol! One more day and then a whole two months of going to the ocean, lakes and rivers to swim and tan. And then there's shopping, hanging with friends, and hot guy scoping!!!!! WhooHoo!!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

TWO MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!!!! I'm so frickin' happy, except we still have exams next week but I don't mind those, tests are easy for me (I don't even have to study). Anyways, you can probably understand why I'm happy happy happy...Well, talk to you all laterz, Bye!
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Monday, June 14, 2004

I just had my 100th visit! i know it's not that big a deal,but meh. Just thought I'd let you guys know. Actually I missed my 100th visit so it's actually my 101st visit but technically it's the same thing, lol!
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Sunday, June 13, 2004

   Pain, Holes and Caffeine!!!!!!
"Pumped" and "Hyper" are about the only words to describe me right now. I just got my ears pierced three times (one on each ear lobe and one in the upper part of my left ear) and for some reason, pain gets me all pumped up, it's weird. Then, right after, I got a huge iced mocha and now I'm pumped up AND on adrenaline and caffeine. Not a good combo if you ask me. So now my ears are purple and I REALLY need to pee...not that you really needed to, or wanted to know, for that matter. Sorry, you'll have to forgive my hyperness. Now I have my ears pierced five times...I just have to work on my parents about getting my bellybutton pierced and then I'll be very happy. The bad thing is, since the top piercing was through cartiledge, it'll take two months to heal, that'll be the whole summer...oh well, I can make it, the whole thing was very worth it. Ttyl, Bye!
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Saturday, June 12, 2004

I think there actually might be a chance of me getting into the Marine Biology Honours Program. I need to go to the counsellor as well as my science teacher and see if there's anything I can do to make up for that stupid frickin' two percent that made me not get in, and maybe, if there's still room, I'll get in...hopefully. Because they only take the top 30 students who apply to get in and I know for a fact that there aren't 30 straight A science students who want to take the course. It's so stupid! They didn't even say that we had to have straight A's in science in order to get in! If I had known that, I would have worked harder! I hate physics! That's the unit that made my mark go to a B last term! ARGH!!! They better let me do something to get my mark up...I probably sound like such a spouiled brat right now, sorry everyone...I just don't think it's fair at all and I really think I should change the title of this post because it just went from hopeful to seriously frickin' pissed off in about two seconds. Sorry, but I'm kinda random. Anyways, i need to go talk to the counsellor on monday so, wish me luck!
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Friday, June 11, 2004

   Very, Very Upset...
A while ago we had to pick classes for grade 10 next year and I applied to get into the Marine Biology Honours Program, it's this honours class that includes Science 10, Biology 11 and Marine Biology 9/10. I REALLY wanted to get in because I want to be a vet and this whole course is about the sciences so it would really help me get into veterinary college. Today, I went to the counsellor to see what classes I got for next year, and I found out that I didn't get into it. I was in shock at first because I wanted so much to get in...and I didn't. And, to make matters worse the only reason I didn't get in was because I got a B in Science on my last report card...but it was only a B by two percent. You had to have straight A's in Science all year to get into the course, and I did, except for that two stupid percent that made my mark go down. I'm not happy...
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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

This Song Is Awesome!
This has got to be one of my favourite songs! I love it so much! I love the part with the drums near the end!

Music from Gpetz.com

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Monday, June 7, 2004

   HYPER!!! (which will be a HUGE understatement after you read this)
SLURPEES!!! *MMM* Hello Everyone! I am hyper (if you hadn't already guessed). After school today, me and four friends walked down to the corner store and got...SLURPEES!!! and candy! That was at 4:00 pm, it's 8:00 pm now and the effects of the sugar haven't quite worn off yet. I've been hyper for four hours now and people are starting to wonder about me. Plus, for some strange reason, I've had the hiccups about six times in those four hours...maybe it had something to do with the slurpee...I don't really know, or care for that matter. Kim also left her backpack at my house so i have to take it to school for her tomorrow. I have no idea how she'll study for her Socials unit test without her binder (mind you, I'm not studying either). oh well, we can fail the test together. The slurpee was worth it.
I had my birthday party on friday night, it was awesome. My friends came over at 7:00 pm and then we ordered pizza and hung out and I opened presents. Then we went to see Shrek 2 at 9:00 and then my friends slept over. it was soo fun. Shrek 2 was soo hilarious! I highly recommend you all to go and see it...right now...go on...you know you want to see it. Anyways, it was way better than the first one. Guess what I got from my friends? A BONSAI TREE!!! Actually, technically he's a mini ficus tree not a bonsai, he was bred to be tiny. He's 7 years old and he is soo cute... yes a tree can be cute, you'd understand if you saw him, maybe when i get my webcam I can take a picture of him and show you all, trust me, he's adorable, and yes, it's a he, at least that's what I think...no, I'm not insane...what gave you that idea...Three of my friends had to pitch in to buy him for me because bonsai trees are quite expensive. one of my friends has one too, she named hers so I thought I'd name mine too...YES! I'M NAMING A TREE!!! but I need a good name, that's what I need your guy's help with. If you have a suggestion for a name write a comment telling me your suggestion (if you're not already scared away by my wanting to name a tree). Anyways, I have to go water my tree so I will go, and hope you will think of better names that me and my friends have.
P.S. Bonsai Trees are Japanese so try and think along those lines if you're gonna make a suggestion but it doesn't have to be Japanese just as long as you think it'd be a good name for a tree (whatever you think a good tree name would be).
Wow! this is a long post, so I'm gonna go (for real this time) and water my tree. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Talk to you all later, Bye!

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