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Friday, July 23, 2004

It's still the 22nd here, the stupid time is wrong. Anyways, I have to work tomorrow. My dad needs me to go in and help him at his store because there's this big sale-ish thing going on. And I need to go help pack stuff outside (all the stores on the street set up booth sort of things outide, it's called Market Day and it happens every summer. So now I have to get up really early and be down at the store by 8 in the morning!!! Which will be really hard for me considering I sleep in until like 1 pm everyday, lol! So yes, just thought I'd bore you all with that info.

Until Next Time,

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sorry, I couldn't think of anything else to put as a subject. Anyways, as you can see, I've completely changed the colours of my site. And I'm really sorry to anyone who hates (or despises) pink. But I decided that it was more "me" than all the black, blue and purple because, after all, pink is my favourite colour, so you can't really get more like me than this. So, yeah, sorry to all you pink-haters out there, I guess you'll all have to put up with it until I decide to change it again, or until you hunt me down and stick a gun to my head and force me to change it, OR until you hunt me down and tickle me until I change it (it would pretty much have the same effect as the gun, lol!) I would change my avatar to something pink but I just love that picture of Yue WAY too much to change it. So yes, Yue stays, and I shall talk to you all later!

Until Next Time,
Ayme (the obsessive pink fanatic)

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Monday, July 19, 2004

   Sun and Swimming
Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was at Cameron Lake for 5 days and it was soo much fun! My parent's friends (Howie and Jeanne) have a cabin right on the lake, which is awesome considering there are only 17 cabins on the entire lake. So basically all I did the entire 5 days was sit on the dock, suntan and swim. The only bad thing is that the cabin we stayed at is the first one, so it loses the sun at like 5:00 pm, which is no good. So, the day before yesterday, when the sun started going behind the trees, Howie decided to take the anchors off the dock and tie it to their boat, so then he got in the boat and pulled the dock, and us, out to the middle of the lake and we just drifted and followed the sun until it was completely gone, lol! I went swimming about 9 times that day, one of those times I was tackled off the dock against my will...and it was right in the middle of the lake too. It must have looked very strange, seeing a dock floating around with like, 10 people on it (they had other people staying at their cabin besides us). Well, it's really hard to type and scratch mosquito bites at the same time...and they're driving me crazy, so I shall go.

Until Next Time,

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ok, let me start at the beginning. In April, on the last day of skiing, I caught an edge and had a major wipe out. My right ski didn't release so it twisted my leg. I injured my knee quite badly and everytime I do any extreme physical activity (biking, swimming, etc.) I re-injure it. So, today, my mom finally took me to the doctor because it just keeps getting worse. And the doctor is pretty sure it's a medial meniscal tear (sounds bad even when you don't know what it is), which is something to do with a torn tendon and cartiledge. So, anyways, on Wednesday I have to go for x-rays. And then see the knee surgeon. And if it is a medial meniscal tear, I'll have to get arthroscopic surgery (I don't really know what that is either). But my dad had the same surgery when I was like, five, so he can tell me all about it. But we don't know for sure yet what really is wrong, but I'm almost positive I'll have to get surgery because, after all, it's not normal for your knee to collapse on you all the time is it? Well, I shall keep updates on this whole stupid knee thing for anyone who's interested.

Until Next Time,

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Friday, July 9, 2004

I was volunteering at the vet's this morning and there were six little kittens there today from the SPCA, they were getting spayed/neutered and they were soo frickin' adorable, I wanted to take them all home!!! I didn't watch all of the surgeries today, like I did on wednesday because I was having trouble seeing the little kitties with tubes down their throats. I have no problem whatsoever with blood and stuff but I have a very extreme soft spot for cats. But today, I got to restrain animals when they were getting subdued, clip tonails when they were under anesthetic, adjust the anesthetic when the operating was going on, feed the kittens, fill soap bottles, wash surgical tools and carry kittens to the prep area...yes, it was a busy day, lol!
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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

I am happy because I just burned a japanese cd and I finally figured out our burner. I also made a collage of anime pictures for the front cover and I am extremely proud of it, it looks soo cool! I actually used a whole bunch of avatars to make the collage, I want to show everyone...but, sadly, no one's home at the moment besides me and you people can't see it through the computer...so I shall sit here in my pyjamas, rambling on to whoever reads this, freezing my butt off because I'm too lazy to go shut the stupid door.
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Sunday, July 4, 2004

   Another One Of My Poems, This One's About The Universe
The vastness of space
The emptiness of time
The neverending universe
Stretching into the depths of nowhere
Beyond comprehension
Beyond life itself
The abyss of the unknown,
Where traveling is futile
When, or if it ever ends,
Is as obvious as air
Always moving,
Never ceasing
An eternity of darkness
As mysterious and sacred,
As an encrypted code
The universe goes on and on,
Farther than the imagination allows
Forever is impossible,
To completely understand
The darkness and the space
Reaching for eternity,
Forever and Beyond

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

   More Poetry...except these ones are by a friend
My friend Meredith wrote some really awesome poems and I just had to put them on here, they put mine to shame, lol!


Head throbbing louder than a thousand drums
A jumble of mixes and messes
Whirling ideas trying hopelessly to surface
Twirling messages aimlessly wandering
Going in and out of focus
Never focusing long enough to clearly see
Questions being tossed through my mind
Some with no right answer
Many with no answer at all
A heap of untidiness inside of me
A clutter of anger and happiness
Tornado winds blowing thoughts in
Tsunami waves washing things out
Their blowing and washing uncontrollable
Their results sometimes devastating
These are the things that go on inside of me
Coming together to form one thing,

True friendship

A single being dwelling within two people
Entwining them together with its rope of love
Helping them stay strong with support and compassion
Its binds are something they shall never be free of

It will always be present, when nothing else is
Itís more reliable than life, more reliable than death
It is true friendship
And it will be there for you, until your veryÖlast...breath


Fast and furiously
Landing hard on the cold rocky floor
Disappearing into the darkened pit of misery
Into the dooming black hole
Called hatred

A Childís Biggest Fear

The stormy night sky
Pours down rains,
Which pelt the ground like bullets
While a childís spirit wanes.

The dark grey clouds
Descend lightning from their depths,
The thunder crashing to
While with fear the child wept.

The child lies in bed
Watching heavy rains and powerful gale,
Their once happy face
Now scared, damp and pale.

They drift off into uneasy sleep,
And wake to find rainbows.

My Mind

Frustration and anger loom within me
Bottled up, and preserved like wine
they shadow my heart
And deprive my soul of joy

Earthquakes of sadness make my body tremble
Destroying good memories as if they were buildings
And using the rubble to create new architecture
Only this time to shield my feelings

My inner hell is too much to believe
For its contrast to my exterior is great
Itís like nightmare colliding with fairytale
I donít know how much more I can take

These poems are all by my friend Meredith and if you want to leave a comment for her, just state that and I will give the comment to her personally.

Until Next Time...


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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

   Horses!!!...what else could you expect from me?
Hello Everyone! 'Tis I, the crazy-horse-loving-anime-fanatic, Ayme!!! You guys are probably all fed up with me going on and on and on about riding, horses and what horses I ride, lol! I can't make any promises, but I will try to not do it ever again...after this time. Anyways, my riding teacher has a five stall barn and she's looking for a new boarder because my grandma, who boarded her horse, Ginger, there, decided to move her to a new farm. My riding teacher, Maria is trying to choose between a horse named Dave or a horse named Goldie, both of which haven't been trained that well yet. And guess what? Maria said that since I handle horses so well, especially Kayak. She wants me to help train the horse she chooses. So I shall be able to ride, lunge and do parelli with the horse that comes! I'm so excited. I'm gonna have a very horsy summer. Not only will I be doing that, I'm gonna be riding my grandma's horse at her new stable and I'll also be riding Bud. Plus, I'm also volunteering at a vet clinic and I'll be helping animals recover from surgery, cleaning cages (the not so good part), and maybe going on farm calls. It'll be soo much fun!!! I'm gonna volunteer there twice a week. It'll be good that I'll actually be doing something other than sleeping in until two everyday, which I have been doing so far *blush*. I'll be riding six different horses!!! I can't get over that! There's Kayak, Bud and Ginger as well as Lady and Cory (my riding teacher's other horses) and then there will be Dave/Goldie, whoever Maria chooses to board. And I think I've bored you all to death with my rambling on and on about horses...So I shall leave you all to ponder my already questionable sanity (it still surprises me how much I have to say that).

Until Next Time...


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Monday, June 28, 2004

   Random Stuff...and Another Poem
Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, but I really wasn't in the mood to write stuff. And I didn't know what to write about. Plus, since school's out (finally), I've been hanging out with my friends 24/7. It's funny though, most of you people got out a month before me and now your summer vacation is halfway over and mine just started! Anyways, yes, hanging with friends and sleeping until 2:00 in the afternoon (I didn't mean to, honestly) is definitely the way to spend the summer because I really hate physical activity of any kind, besides riding. I'm gonna be riding a horse named Bud all summer, it shall be great fun. Anyways, you guys seemed to like my poems so I will keep posting them as I write them, here's another one that is totally different than my first two and just to let you know, I randomly wrote it in like, two minutes one night when I was in a strange mood and it's completely unrelated to the way I feel at anytime, but I thought it was pretty ok. So I shall post it. Hope you guys don't think it sucks.

I defy,
Only to be shot down,
Using my only weakness,
I feel frusterated,
Since I love,
I am bound
It's not fair,
But that's life,
One day, you will see,
I will conquer,
Become stronger,
Then the rules,
Will be obsolete,
I won't be helpless
I am,

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