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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 11/20/04:
oooOOOooo...I get to chill with Legolas? Sounds good to me!!

You are one of the Sindar, the noble Grey-Elves of
Middle-Earth. Wise and fair you are like a
young birch-tree in the morning sun. You love
deep shadows of the great forests and the stars
of Elbereth Gilthoniel the most. But beware the
Sea. Once your hear the crying of the qulls
your heart will be turned in to the West

Other Elves of your race: Legolas Greenleaf,
Celeborn and Gildor Inglorion

-Berio i dur Belain i ven lin ne vorn!-(May the
power of Valar protect you on your path in the

Which Tolkien Elven race do you belong to?
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Result Posted on 11/18/04:
Well, that's interesting...

Turquoise Hair!
Turquoise Hair! Famous Turquoise Heads: Bulma from
DBZ and Michuri from sailor Moon!

~* What Anime Haircolor would you have? *~
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Result Posted on 11/18/04:
I LOVE blue eyes!!!!

Blue Eyes!
Blue like the sky...

~* What Anime Eyecolor would you have? *~
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Result Posted on 11/13/04:
HAHA! My friends have always told me I'm an elf! Well, more so since they say I look like one;-)

Anime Legolas
You are an elf. You love nature and are swift and
clever. You tend to be more poetically gifted
and write lore that is beyond compare. You
strive to help others and love nature. You are
noble, fair and brave. People covet your talent
and beauty. You are gentle in spirit and see
everything through honest and kind eyes.

Which Mystical creature are you bound to? (cool pictures!Finished!!!)
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Result Posted on 11/11/04:
Cool! Sango...I like Sango! She doesn't take crap from groping men;-)

Result Posted on 11/10/04:
Well, I basically grew up in the woods so it makes sense!

You are Earth... Down to Earth, creative, aluring.

What planet do you represent? (Chobits based, Anime Girls)
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Result Posted on 11/06/04:
Awesome! I always liked her! She was Inuyasha and Kagome's true 1st villain. Like her, I'm obsessed w/Inu's silver hair:-P

Result Posted on 11/06/04:
Wow! Who woulda thought I was Shippou! Well, he is darn cute so I wont complain:-)

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