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Sunday, March 13, 2005

   Thai Food is Good

I got the new drawing done! YAY! I actually posted it yesterday at like 5PM but...yeah...I didn't let anyone know till now! Here's the link: Drawing Baby!
Nothing much to say about it except I wanted to draw this scene...except make it my own..you know? Am I making sense? I wanted to show the whole figures and all of them in the same shot. I've been having a problem with flamers like big time lately so that's ticking me off. It just bugs me that they're specifically targeting my drawings...it's like they can't stand seeing me in the top 10 and go out of their way to make me feel like crap. Feh!!

Anywho, thanks so much guys for your support in yesterday's post. I think some people misunderstood me and thought that I was pissed 'cause people were asking me for help. I LOVE helping people but the thing that was upsetting me was that I wasn't getting a simple thank you in return. Ah well, I'll get over it. Thanks to everyone again...*sniff* You friends of mine make me feel loved. *HUG!*

Look! More pictures:
So frickin cute I can't take it!!

I love Love LOVE this part in both the anime and the manga! Screech! So sweet Yuki!!!

Oh my goodness! Over 60 posts I received yesterday! *faints!* I was dragged out last night by my friends so I promise to get to all of those I missed that commented ASAP!! Oh and ONE week is left in the Yuki Club Contest! Info can be found here:The Yuki Club

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