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Thursday, March 3, 2005

The Yuki Club would like to welcome it's newest members! AilahWolf, Me Luv Kyo Kun, Mimiru gurl, Crystal Heart, KaguraAsTheWind, and Estansse Elessar!! WOHOO!! Lots of people! Keep 'em coming! I also would like to give a big thanks to Lewna because she's in the process of creating a Yuki Club website!!^_^

Last night...er..actually since most will be reading this by Thursday...Tuesday night I watched the rest of Fruits Basket!! *sniff* *cry* *blows nose* So sad! Once I started the last episodes I couldn't stop! I wont reveal anything but oh man poor Kyou-Kun! And then poor Tohru! And then poor Shigure! And then poor Yuki, and Kagura, and...you get my point. And I spent most of today ripping my DVDs so I can make a music video for Fruits Basket! YAY!

LOL! You guys HAVE to see this banner one of my friends made for me...HAHA! I think he had a little fun with this that dirty kid...

HA! Isn't that great! He's such a riot!

And look at this picture that Raven8763 made for me!

*snort* You guys are so funny^_^

Oh and I would like to thank everyone for 300 Guestbook entrees! Holy macoroni!!

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