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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

   Holy Stromboli!!
Boy, there are a lot of people already in the Yuki Club! Let's give a big welcome to the newest members: inu-neko-yasha, fire sprite, yokobandit, aliryn, dream wings, and Mysterious Child!! *Yuki hands out some chocolate* I'm amazed at how many people have signed up in such a short amount of time...let's see *counts people* 40 people! And I just started this club what? Saturday or Sunday *Yuki clabs me on the back* Yessssss...40 slaves...I mean, club members...*shifty eyes* Probably this weekend I will let you guys know the 1st event/competition that's going to take place and the prizes involved^_^

K, few more spoilers for those who haven't seen Fruits Basket and don't want to learn anything but I need to gab some more...damn this is one gab-worthy show. Anywho, I watched like 5 more episodes and I did get to the one where we see Yuki and Tohru go to Ayame's store. LOL! What a kick! He's so funny but at least I finally found out why Yuki is so cold to Ayame. During the time when Yuki needed a big brother the most Ayame totally put his back to him and that was so sad to watch..yes, made me cry...AGAIN! I would think I would be mad at Ayame but now he's so sorry for what he had done and regretful that you can't help but forgive him! I still like how afterwards Ayame calls Hatori and keeps going on and on about his day with Yuki, and Hatori has the phone like way away from his ear not even paying attention. HA! Ayame is so giddy! The last episode I watched was when the president of the Yuki fan club finally talks to Yuki and has all her crazy moments with him. Wow! That is one psychotic girl! Anywho, more pictures!
Bad Ayame...baaaaaaaaad...I love Yuki's and Tohru's faces though...and Ayame's he's all like "yeah, this is the place to be:"

Yumm...no other words:

I love Haru!

Man! You know! PSH! Why can't I be as lucky as to have these two take me to the prom! Feh!

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