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Monday, February 28, 2005

   I like Lotion...it smells good and makes me feel so soft...
Well, I would like to welcome the latest members to the Yuki Club: kikiyasha, FallenVampireDrow, sango18, eclipsedangel, banzaiinu1, butterfly9999, Finalfan1015, MARS 1348, and Pyrinsomniac! YAY! Lots of people already! And there's still plenty of room for more, so spread the word 'cause there's going to be awesome contests in this club with kickin' prizes! Hey, I'm right by China Town, I have sources! Oh and Lewna came up with idea that everyone gets a number, just like the "Prince Yuki" club that's in the Fruits Basket Anime. Those girls are psychotic! But I think that could be fun...what do you guys think?

Oh and I got to that part that I was wondering about in Fruits Basket with the picture I had awhile ago...where it showed Yuki holding Tohru's ribbon and asking "Does it please you, Princess?" Oh man, that episode was SO GREAT! *SCREECH!*

I've gotten through some more of Fruits Basket and the last episode I saw was with Akito...ARGH! What a prick! Ok, for those who haven't seen Fruits Basket and don't want spoilers, do NOT read the next paragraph after the picture I need to gab about things^_^...you are warned!

Ok, I was ready to SLUG Akito when he blinded Hatori but I was ready to beat him after seeing what he did to Yuki! The bastard used to whip him as a child!!! Also, the way he talks to Yuki and touches him and the way Yuki reacts to it make me believe there were some sexual molestation going on there too. GRRRRRR....Just looks at what he did to cute little Yuki:

Oh and I'm still figuring out Hatsuharu's sexual orientation:

He's all over Tohru and then he tells her Yuki was his 1st love and then when he sees Yuki he grabs him around the arms and everything...it makes me laugh 'cause Haru is so awesome and do you guys remember when the class president didn't believe Haru's hair color was natural and so he takes him into the bathroom to prove it was natural and Tohru is all like, "how did you convince him it was natural?" And Yuki and Kyou's faces were like "NO! Don't ask!" It was at that point I realized what Haru had done and why the president looked so freaked! LOL! Showing him that the drapes matched the carpet if you catch my drift:-P
Oh and then we learn about Yuki's bronchial problem and he collapses after racing against Kyou. AH! I was going to have a heart attack! But then Haru and Kyou were so CUTE when they were helping him.

Ok, there's no more spoilage. Sorry, had to get some things off my chest....I also realized that Kyou is EXACTLY like Inuyasha personality wise. Even his voice and the way he talks is just like him! In the japanese version anyway...I don't watch the english. So....anyone watch the Oscars? I sorta did...more so listened as I did work but nothing special happened. Plus, there weren't any movies in particular I was rooting for so...meh! You should have seen my friends and me last year though when Lord of the Rings was up for all those awards. We were NUTS!^_^

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