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Sunday, February 27, 2005

WOOT! Well, I'm happy to say that we're getting quite the list of members so far to be part of the Yuki Club and I already have an idea of the 1st event/contest that will take place within the club. I'm going to wait a little longer though till things start to get settled. Here is the list of members that I have so far that are in the club:
dark angel103, foren, inukid, inuyasha311, Fox Ressurrected, ob53zt tang3rtin3, Blue Raven, Venemous Kitsune, SessLover18, MiniMM, Septoussai, Naru Atshushi, Miyoka-chan, Forbidden_Kitsune, Aquamarine1217, animegirl-11, ankoku, jigglymonster, and Lewna.
If you have joined the club already and I didn't include your name, just give me a shout-out and be like "hey yo...what's the deali-o? Where my name at woman?"...or something....^_^ And, of course, new-comers are always welcome so you can still join if you want!

I went to China Town today! WOOT! I wanted to go before they raise the fare to the subway...AGAIN! It's going to cost me $5 now to ride back and forth on the stupid train! *grumbles* But I bought the entire series of Fruits Basket...I was borrowing my friend's and burning them but then I realized that I LOVE this anime and wish to pay for the real DVDs:-D I also got Fruits Basket mangas 1-12 for $5!! WOHOO!! I also got an adorable Inuyasha poster that's all framed and stuff.

LOL! I have to tell you this...on my way home on the subway, I was talking to my friends and then I hear this guy behind me saying "you want to fight with me? Yeah, I bet you do? You go ahead and try it and I'll kick you ass that's what I'll do..." And he kept going on and on and on...finally I turn around and this guy wasn't talking to anybody! Just his newspaper!!! He was flipping through the pages going on about kicking "asses." Ha! And then as we were getting off the train he was telling each person that walked passed him that he was going to "kick your ass..and I'll kick yours...and yours...." but then he didn't say anything to me as I walked passed him. My friends think that it's because I'm so scrawny and frail looking and that would be just wrong to say that to me. Boy, don't I feel special^_^

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