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Friday, February 25, 2005

Guess what everyone!?!?!?! YUKI WON THE HOTTEST ANIME GUY!!!!! *Grabs Yuki and starts dancing around room* I'm tellin' ya...I have no idea why I wanted him to win so bad...I guess 'cause I'm REALLY competitive...I've always been like that when it comes to certain things. But THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted for him and putting up with all my nagging as well^_^ *HUGS!* I love you guys! Even though I get cool prizes, since he wouldn't have won w/out you guys I think I shall do a spiffy drawing to say thanks^_^ And I must say thank you to SessLover18 for running the contest:-D

Oh and I'll be making banners to those who want to join the Yuki fan club too...oh I have some projects to do I am excited!

Here's some fun pictures because...I dunno...I like pictures!

I think Inuyasha mopes better then any other character I've ever seen:

LOL! Inuyasha looks just like me when I wake up in the morning...this is the face of "huh...what time is it?"

I dunno...I just think this is insanely cute:

KAWAII!!!!! I can't wait to see this part! If anyone tell me what's going on...I shall stalk you down with a pitchfork so don't spoil it!!

I had to throw in a Yuki piccy since he's my hottie winner^_^

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