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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I got to borrow more Fruits Basket from my friend! I'm watching some Fruba tonight! And this other guy that I just got to know told me that he has like every MP3 known to man of animes and I can download them right from his AIM so I'm super happy. Plus, he has MP3's of TONS of other music so now I found the song I want to make for my latest anime music video! GRABS YUKI AND DANCES AROUND ROOM!

Oh and in case you guys didn't notice I joined the "Link is a Hot Tamale Club" a.k.a. LIHT and I made that banner too! Go check out Fox Ressurected site if you want to join. And it was brought up that I should make a Yuki fan club and make banners and stuff. Is that something people would actually be interested in? 'Cause if people would join, I'd make them.

Here's some funny pictures I found:

And for some reason...Kadaj from FFVII Advent Children reminds me of Sesshoumaru in this picture...or Inuyasha...I can't tell which:

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