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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

You people who are voting for Yuki are AWESOME! So far, Yuki is running neck and neck with Sesshoumaru for the lead! WOHOO! Please keep voting for YUKI! You can vote everyday and I super appreciate it!

To vote for Yuki, simply click on the banner below which will direct you to a website. On that site, a box will show up and TWO smaller boxes will appear and there will be a list of names on them. The 2nd small box has Yuki's name and all you have to do, is click the circle next to his name and click "Vote." That's it! Here's the banner to click:

Please vote for him! And those who wont vote for him because you're Kyo fans...well, you know what I say? PSH! Some friends you are. I like Yuki better than Kyo yet I still did a drawing of him for a friend of mine. So, I do the Inuyasha hair toss, stick up the nose and say "FEH!" in your general direction^_^

You know what I'm SUPER curious about? Since I've noticed cartoon network editing out TONS of stuff I'm really wondering what they're going to do with the member of the Seven Brother Group who's gay. This guy has a MAJOR crush on Inuyasha and some of the things he says....ho-doggy it's enough to make Inuyasha blush...and it does! So, I'm wondering what they're going to do with this guy since it's hard to take away the fact that he's infatuated with Inuyasha. I hope they don't change too much because that guy is SO funny! It's so great 'cause everytime he sees Inuyasha, he gets all giddy and waves at him yelling "HI INUYASHA!!" Inuyasha is just like..."what the hell"....and Kagome is like "Hey Inuyasha...is that your boyfriend?" And Inuyasha is all like "SHUTTUP!!!" LOL! It's SO freakin hilarious!!

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