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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Vote 4 Yuki!!!
Ok guys I have the BIGGEST favor to ask you...I'm in a contest where a group of us are each given a hot anime guy and what we have to do as the manger, is to get people to vote for our guy. The guy I requested was Yuki from Fruits Basket and if you guys need reasons to vote for him, here's some:
He's sweet, he's considerate, he doesn't care about physical beauty, he's shy, he will go out of his way to help you, he carries your things for you, he gets angry at those who say bad things about people he cares for, he's got GORGEOUS lavender eyes that look as if they can see into your soul, he's strong, he doesn't take crap from Kyo, they call him "Prince Yuki" at his school, he's got his own fan club at school, he wants to fit in with others, and one more reason....HE'S A FREAKIN HOTTIE! So...do you think you could vote for him? Please....pretty please...pretty pretty please please? All you have to do is click the link below and then on the site, find the voting box with Yuki's name which is in the 2nd box down. Those who do this will be my hero 'cause we get kick-ass prizes if our boy wins!

Oh, and I hear that they actually edited away Kenshin's naked scene that I talked about in yesterday's post!! Curse you cartoon network! I noticed when watching Kenshin Sat that they edited out a lot and they edited a really important part which was Yuki envisions Kenshin being killed because he took Kenshin's sword and that's what drives Yuki to break through his bonds! Ah well, so I took a few screencaps of the scene I talked about yesteday(just check out the post if you have no clue what I'm talking about)

Kaoru and Megumi's reaction upon seeing Kenshin naked while he goes on and on...and on about what they need to do:

Kenshin FINALLY realizes that he's naked:

Kenshin's face upon confirming that he is naked:

Heehee! Priceless! Naked scenes are always so humorous^_^

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