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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Another Drawing....
I have no idea why but I did another drawing yesterday. It's of Link and Zelda and I made Link's head to big but..whatever...I don't care. I measured it and everything and it still didn't come out right. Meh! Here's linkage to it: Here it Be!

I finally was home on a Saturday and got to watch the English Rurouni Kenshin! The voices are pretty good and I don't mind Kenshin's even though it's very different from the original. I was talking to yukina123 and she mentioned she never heard the original voice so...here it is! Just push stop on the music in my profile and push play below. I know some people wont be able to hear it 'cause you need windows media player:

Oh and about the Samurai X movie I talked about yesterday. I wouldn't really categorize it with the other 3 Samurai X movies which are Trust, Betrayal, and Reflection. Samurai X: the Motion Picture is nothing like the other 3 and is more so like the anime TV show then the OAVs. Sorry to confuse some of you!

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