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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thanks to everyone who answered my Kenshin drawing question! *HUGS* I would definitely say that the winner was for him to have his kimono part on and part off which is something I considered and I think that would be a sexy picture...you know, having Kenshin be flirtatious but without really trying. I may not have it done for awhile though 'cause I'm doing quite a bit of commission work now. Sorry!

Do you like my new background? I finally got around to borrowing the Fruits Basket anime from my friend and holy stromboli is it freakin good!! It's just so...AH! I know most people are Kyo lovers but I like Yuki the best. He's just so incredibly sweet and timid and those purple eyes! *SWOON!* I'm still amazed at the difference from the original voices to the dubbed. They made Yuki's voice really deep and monotone in the English version but in Japanese he sounds more feminine and soft-spoken but without sounding boring like the English Ben Stein voice.

So many people are switching their accounts!!! AHHHHHH!! Do you guys have any idea how bad I am with names and having like 15 people switch Otaku names...I'll warn you right now, I'll have no idea who you are unless I'm reminded. I'm bad enough when people switch avatars on me...I associate people with their pictures and that throws me for a loop. Not your guy's faults though, don't change what you're doing because I have weird ways of learning.

I'm sorry, but this picture made me laugh SO hard...well, the text of it anyway. It's SO like the magazine but cooler since it's Inuyasha:

I'm telling 'ya, I'd actually buy one of these magazines if it looked like THAT!^_^

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