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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Question for those who have seen Fruits Basket...
Well, my next drawing is going to be from Fruits Basket and I would like to know what is the hair colors of the boys who turn into the rat and cat? I know one has orangish hair but what is the other hair color? Oh, and could you tell me those two's eye color too? I saw one has lavender eyes? AH! I'm sorry I don't know! I've looked at pictures online but don't know who's who! Any help you guys could give me would be just fan-diddly-tastic!

I had such a great day today! I went to career services to start looking for jobs and when I showed the head of the department my portfolio, she was bowled over! She was going on and on about how many jobs she could find me! She was more wowed by my photorealism work and said she could possibly find me work in the film departments doing movie posters! But she was going on about my illustration work and telling me that I would be great at doing Graphic Novel covers! How cool would that be if I might be doing covers for graphic novels?! For those who haven't seen my photorealism work then please Click Here! But it felt good to know that my job outlook is looking good! YAY!^_^

Oh, and you know how I'm going on about how amazing 'Immortal Rain' is? Well, one of the things most captivating about it is the way it is drawn and the emotion the artist somehow manages to capture in a single frame so, I scanned a few snippets from my copy to show you guys the style of it! I tried to scan parts that didn't give away much so I hope you guys like them!

AH! It's so beautiful! And ALL the frames are drawn this well! You should see the fight sequences!^_^

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