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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

   Do My Eyes Deceive Me?????
Am I seeing 47 comments left on my last post!!!!! Holy Stramboli!! I feel the love! Thanks guys! I'm glad you like my new video and my drawing!^_^ Oh, and guess what?! I have it so now you can now DOWNLOAD my music videos!!! WHEEEEEEE!! So now, instead of watching it like 30 times like some of you say you do, you can now watch it straight off your computer without having to worry about internet connections or that my bandwith got used up! Right now, I only have the Inuyasha and Kikyou one but don't worry. I'll be adding the Inuyasha and Kagome one soon too! Here's the link CLICK HERE!
Just go towards the bottom of the page where it says "Local" in green letters and click it!
The download will start up within a couple seconds...I'm sure you'll figure it out. Keep in mind this is a BETTER QUALITY version, so it may take longer to download.

Ok, I just finished 'Immortal Rain' Volume 4....OH MY FREAKING LORD!!! It...just...oh...I...too...AHHHH!! SO AMAZING! Yet again, the ONLY manga that I could NOT put down and read straight through. And let me say right now...it's SUPER rare for me to be brought to tears...yep, this did it! So incredible...oh man...I have found my fave manga and the character Rain is edging up to be one of my fave male characters...he's starting to bump up with Inuyasha! You were right aliryn....I'm am SO PMing you and we MUST gab about this!

I still need to find another soul out there who has seen all the Inuyasha episodes! I need to gab about that one too! The final episode was just so...AH! Ok, *breathe* I'm cool...not going to spoil the ending for you guys.

Oh and I fixed the music video so it works again...yeah, the bandwith got used up in like what? ONE DAY! So, if you haven't seen it and don't want to download it, then they're right below in yesterdays post!

Plus, I added the link to my FanArt gallery under my profile as seeing that the portfolio plugin is still down^_^

God shut me up...BUT, many asked what a Miko is...I think the english translation is a priestess? You know how Kikyou has those powers and purifying arrows sorta like what Kagome gets later on in the show? That's what a Miko is...a youkai exterminator..oh wait, you may not know what a youkai is...it's a demon!:-D

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